Wednesday, July 24, 2013


a bullet penetrates your chest, how do you complain?
death is adjacent to us, as a bullet ricochets until a body stop its motion
your heart is too tired to beat, how do you complain?
death is adjacent to us, as your vein pleads to the blood to stop its stream

because a real knight is proud to fight alongside his comrades
even though he was taught to be afraid of losing everything since his childhood
he vows to outgun his enemies, even though a lance would tear down his throat
the lance does, only the creed of his belief would walk him to the exit gate of life

when your end comes, and the sun sets upon you
life is just like a puppy love with the world
world acts like someone you really need to care for
and nothing she gives to you, but a burial

death is adjacent to us although you cry out "long live!"
for he sets a fear towards us, we can say no more
whether or not the afterlife awaits us
one thing remains, the death does

 July 4, 2013

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